Logo design

Logo design and branding

Web design

Design for www.zerokeyboard.com (link opens in new tab)

Landing page design

Landing page concept for Facebook advertising (work in progress)

App design

Design for one of the key interface components of the Zero Keyboard app.

App designs

All interface components are designed to be used with gestures and swipes and other hands-free functions (text scanning, voice recognition etc) to avoid typing.

The new opening interface design

Designs for the main workflow view (released in september 2016).

Backend UI design

Design for the backend interface, where the user can create and manage pre-determined workflows.

NEW! This video demonstrates one specific feature of the app. You can see how intuitively it actually works. I made this and bunch of other similar videos for Zero Keyboard. They are shot with my awesome Canon EOS M3 camera and Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens and edited in Photoshop's timeline (grading, captions etc) and iMovie. The intended media for this (and other videos of this series) is Facebook and other social media platforms on mobile devices. Composition, lenght of the video, font sizes and many other parameters has been chosen bearing the intended media in mind.

Concept designs for new features released on 2017.

Blucup Ltd 2014 — present
App website:

ZeroKeyboard is a top notch business app for Salesforce. I've been working with them mainly as a graphic designer and UI-designer.

What does the app do?

ZeroKeyboard is a business app for Salesforce users and developed by a Helsinki based technology start up called Blucup ltd. You can see it as a business Tinder in a way — you see all the data you insert with it, are done using gestures and swipes. And it looks sexy.

The app allows sales persons to add their sales memos and related data to their Salesforce accounts really easily and fast without having to type them. All interface components are gesture based or hands-free.

My role and responsibilities in the team

I joined the development team as a graphic designer in late 2014. I've designed the visual direction of the app as well as the interface graphics. I've also been involved in their marketing communications, advertising to mention couple of responsibilities.

In total I've done the following for ZeroKeyboard:

  • Logo design
  • App design
  • Web design
  • UI design (app + backend)
  • Marketing materials (flyers & business cards etc)
  • Graphics for social media
  • Marketing videos

All in all I've been working with them intensively few years, slowly expanding my role as a designer. In the beginning my job was purely to design the UI-graphics, but as the time went on I took over the web design, art direction and lately also a substancial part of the marketing communication design as well.