Balmuir campaign design

NEW! Balmuir wool blanket campaign as seen on (2017)

Balmuir campaign design on Facebook

NEW! Balmuir wool blanket campaign as seen on Facebook (2017)

Suunto Polar campaign design

Marimekko campaign design

Graphics for Suunto Polar and Marimekko campaigns (2016)

Campaign graphics at

Sirkus Finlandia campaign as seen on (2016)

Campaign graphics at Facebook

Sirkus Finlandia campaign as seen on Facebook (2016)

Lotto bike giveaway graphics at Facebook

Lotto bike giveaway graphics. This is a recurring campaign and has been ongoing multiple times between 2014 — 2016.

Newsletter graphics

Newsletter graphics

Newsletter graphics

Small selection of various content graphics done between 2012 — 2015.

Veikkaus 2012 — present

Graphics for Veikkaus newsletters, social media and website.

Graphics for one of the biggest brands in Finland

I started working as a freelancer for Veikkaus in early 2012. Since then I've designed hundreds or maybe even thousands of images for their newsletters and social media. My works can also be found at that features sweepstakes and giveavays for their clients. I've designed the campaign graphics for many of these raffles.

This gallery features just a small sample of my work for Veikkaus. I included some of the most recent ones and some of my personal favourites.