Front page web design

This is the design for the website's front page. The website features a trip search and a booking system. One of my goals was to create as sunny, colorful and inviting design as possible.

Web design: mobile view

This is a mock-up of the website appearing on a small smart phone screen.

TripBrasil Tourismo 2014

Graphic design for website

Graphic design for a travel agency that focuses on trips in South America. This is perhaps one of the nicest and most colorful layouts I've designed during the past few years. I'd love to provide a link to the website, but it appears, that they are not in operation anymore.

My role in this project was to provide a facelift and a new layout design for the website. The technical development was done in Brasil by the company's own in-house coder. The layout was designed in photoshop and the work delivered as a well documented psd to the developers.