Logo design

Finalised version of the logo design. (Photo by Ansel Siegenthaler)

Logo design

Mock-up of an early version of the design, featuring a visualisation of the intended usage. (Photo by Ansel Siegenthaler)

Logo design

Early versions of the design process. Two initial versions were rejected by the client, but after improvements done based on the client's wishes, the third version was given a seal of approval.

Screen capture of the progress. The goat figure was hand drawn in Photoshop, using a Wacom drawing tablet, that I use on all my illustrative artwork.

Storm's end photography

Storm's end is an Alaska based photography operation run by nature photographer Ansel Siegenthaler. In early 2017, I designed new logo for them.

Storm's end photography is a nature and landscape oriented photo studio. Ansel wanted to incorporate that into the design in a form of a mountaing goat figure. Logo went through few different iterations as we approached the suitable style. Goat figure, that acts as the trade mark symbol, was hand drawn in Photoshop, using my Wacom tablet.

Goals of the logo were to avoid a generic or a too obvious look. I wanted to incorporate a fair amount of roughness into the logo and clearly show that it is hand made.