Web design for Rovio

The website as it appeared in 2010.

Rovio 2010

Complete website for Rovio

This is an oldie but a goodie. Back in 2010 I actually designed Rovio's website. Yes, THE Rovio. And yes I did everything by my self including graphics, coding, CMS and the whole shebang. It was a very long and hard project and I nearly wanted take a bath with a clock radio after it, but dang it — I got it done and the website was in hard use for a good few years — right during the golden age of Angry Birds. Now the design looks outdated of course, but this is a really important project for me because Rovio became such a huge name during those times and little anybody knew that their website was done by a freelancer.

Interesting trivia: I hand painted the header image featuring the birds. I actually forgot to include the white spot on the birds chest. I realised this only after several months after the release and apparently no one else noticed it either. Or at least I was not ever asked to fix it.