Nettivuokraus mobile view

Website as seen on a mobile device

Design for the website

Product detail page on desktop view. (Please note that all the content seen on this page is imaginary dummy content used as a placeholder in the design process.)

Design for the website

Pixel perfect design for responsive views.

Otavamedia (Nettix)

Nettivuokraus is an online service for renting things. It belongs to the same family of online services as and other popular websites by Otavamedia.

I joined Nettivuokraus team as a graphic designer but got also involved a lot with the usability side of things as well, as many of the browsing, searching and booking functionalities had to be figured out. Primarily though, my main responsibility was creating a clear layouts and graphical interfaces, that would be in line with the rest of the websites belonging to the same family of online services.

A lot of pre-thought was put into the responsive layout designs as well and pixel perfect designs for the all breaking points were produced prior to technical development.