on a tablet device on a tablet device. on a mobile device on a mobile device.

Graphic design for the website

Design for the front page of the website on desktop view.

Concept for a social media campaign.

Mothers day campaign graphics for social media.

Museoliitto 2017
Website: is the homepage for the infamous Museum Card. It is a card allows you to visit finnish museums without a separate entrance fee. The website was relaunched on summer of 2017.

About the project

The redesigned website was executed in a small team, that included me as a graphic designer and Olli from Slap Media as a technical developer. Client gave a huge input in usability design and had tons of great ideas for the user interface. We worked closely during several months and had a great team spirit. I've been using the Museum Card myself for a long time which was beneficial for figuring out how the website should serve the users.

The new website features a Netflix style functionality for browsing museums, exhibitions and events, which is useful for exploring new exhebitions to visit. It works great on a mobile device and it's intended to be useful while traveling and visiting new cities.

In addition to the actual website I've designed few other things to as well. They have big following on social media and I've designed some visual content for their Facebook feed etc.