Main app designs

The main views of the app. There's some really neat and detailed graphics in these designs. Here you can see the congratulating 'thumbs up' message after entering a workout, a feedback dialog with your virtual trainer (The illustrations also painted by yours truly) and the main view, that is the workout feed.

App in action

iOS version of the app in action. App was also released for Android.

Desktop view

Workout feed also works in desktop. All the same functions work in the desktop versio as in the mobile app.

Character illustrations

Couple of character illustrations (Emma and Zoda) for the app. There are several characters in the app that acts as your virtual trainer. Out of these two guys, Emma is a #finnishgirl and Zoda is a stereotypical kung-fu master with a hint of Väinämöinen.

Motivade 2013

App design, graphics, illustration & art direction

Motivade is a sports excercise app, that runs as a web based service and as a mobile app (Android and iPhone). I had a huge role in developing their product. I mainly designed their website and app graphics and also their logo and illustrations.

Here's couple of the main screens of the app. We started creating the visuals from the scratch. There were no previous version to continue from, so everything has been designed from the ground up. The client had ideas and key words for the visual style and together we came up the rest. First we made the logo and then started working on the web client and the app.

Motivade also features virtual personal trainers that I had the pleasure of illustrating. The client described each person and used the specs to visualise how they'd look. There's three main trainers and some hidden ones as well that can be unlocked once your workouts progress.