App interface design

The UI design embedded into a realistic mock-up. The app is intended to be used only on tablets.

App UI sketching

Early sketch of the design. I still use a lot of old school methods. I really like to use traditional pen and paper to lay out ideas for complicated designs, such as this one.

N/A (confidental) 2014

Timeline based interface concept

I came up with an awesome concept for an app while working on a related project with a software company... who's name I must keep a secret unfortunately. The project in question had a similar kind of idea behind it; reserving meeting rooms on a tablet device with a timeline based interface. I offered this concept but it got rejected. We went forward with my second design, eventhough I though this one was much better. I didn't want to waste this concept so I finished it by my self and decided to display it on my portfolio, eventhough it didn't end up beign developed into an actual product.