Graphic design for the audio meditations

Designs for Dive into your body, Buttitude and Hurt Locker.

iTunes screenshot

The meditations are available at Apple's iTunes store.

Promo graphics at Facebook

Promoting the audio meditations on Facebook. Many of the meditations had a separate campaign on FB with customized promo graphics relating to the theme of each meditation.

Thomas Hertlein 2015—2016
Meditations on iTunes

Cover art for Thomas Hertlein audio meditations.

Who is this Hertlein and what are audio meditations? Well, Thomas Hertlein is a well known mentor and coach who has now published self-help style, meditative audio quides, that are available at iTunes. This series of audio meditations consist of nearly twenty different topics (stress management, relaxation and that kinda jazz). Some of the meditations even have pretty innovative names too, such as Buttitude. (More than few people has asked me what the hell it is.)

Here's few examples of some of the covers I've designed. In total, there are circa 20 different designs and for most of them, I also designed an advertisement picture for Facebook promotion.