Logo design and identity

Name, logo design and branding. The name of the company is supposed to create an image of a new you. Like meeting the new you for the first time.

Website design

Website design for Hello Me at www.hellome.fi.

More promo photos

Promo photos and retouching — shot with my new fantasic Canon EOS M and edited in Photoshop.

Hello Me Facebook page

The brand new Facebook page up and running. New logo and graphics implemented.

Hello Me Helsinki 2016

In the summer of 2016 we started to create Hello Me's brand and identity from the scratch.

About the company

Hello Me (previously know as Matrix Room Helsinki) is a wellness center in Kruununhaka, Helsinki — established in 2016. They focus on mentoring, mental coaching and self development in general. They also offer physical treatments as support services.

My role in Hello Me

I've been working with the founders of Hello Me Helsinki for many years, while they were still operating with their previous name, and I got involved in developing their new company from the very beginning.

So far I've contributed strongly on
  • Inventing the new company name
  • Branding and identity
  • Logo design
  • Website (in progress)
  • Social media
  • marketing communications
  • Photography and graphic design

At the moment we are building the new brand and developing new things constantly. We work together very closely and I've found it very compelling to build a new brand from the scratch. Rare and valuable opportunity.