Logo design

Opening image with the promo graphics and logo for the game.

menu screen design

Graphics for the main menu screen.


Pop-up menu template.

UI icons

Here's a mock-up of couple of interface icons I designed for the game. The icon on the left is a tool roll, that opens up your inventory and the icon on the right opens up the map.

Helsinki Noir

Black Island is a mobile game developed by Helsinki Noir. I joined their graphics team to provide designs form menu graphics, UI-elements and promo material.

Black Island was released couple of years ago and I re-published it in my portfolio again, after remembering how much I liked the project. I typically work with websites and marketing. Game graphics are a rare treat.

My job was to design the main opening image, that was also used as the primary promotional material for the game. In addition to that, I designed few different menu screens and a fair amout of different kind of interface graphic, such as icons and buttons.