Finlandia Trophy 2017

NEW! The official illustration for the Finlandia Trophy figure skating competition 2017. Client: The Figure Skating Association of Finland


Island - Illustration for eLearning game, Client: Typing Master, 2013

Gil Elvgren study

Gil Elvgren study (personal project, 2011)

Digital painting pin-up

Mirror Selfie pin-up (personal project, 2016)

Digital painting pin-up

Quick pin-up sketch from reference (personal project, 2015)

Digital painting pin-up

Old painting from circa 2006 or 2007. Not very typical pin-up, but one of my all time favourites. (personal project)


Poledancer (commissioned work, 2016)

Short timelapse documentation of the Poledancer painting. In this video the work is still in progress and reguires some finishing touches. I usually like to add a faint blue light as a finishing touch and this video shows you how that comes about. I have few more videos like this on the Killer Beach Facebook page if you care to check them out.

Digital painting pin-up

Keep smiling (commissioned illustration, 2011)

Digital painting pin-up

The official illustration for the Finlandia Trophy figure skating competition 2015. Client: The Figure Skating Association of Finland

Digital painting pin-up

Illustration for 2009 Helsinki Vintage event. Client: what ever the event organiser name was — I really can't remember all this stuff.

Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest (personal work, 2011)

Black and white quick sketching on timelapse. Few more videos like this can be found on Killer Beach Facebook page.

Various clients + personal work 2009 — present

I've always been into art. I remember in 2004 getting a pin-up calendar from Taschen books that featured Gil Elvgren's artwork. I've been a pin-up fanatic ever since and my own art revolves around pin-up 90% of the time.

I use Photoshop and my Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet to paint these images. I'm very inspired by the classical pin-ups and try to mimic that lovely 40's and 50's style. Each painting can take anything between 1h — 15h to finish. I am by all means, not an expert, in my oppinion, in painting, but I am very very inspired.

Here you can see a very small cample of my works. I've been painting since 2004 and produced a lot of artwork. Nowadays I don't have enough time to paint no more than maybe 1 — 4 finished works per year. My most active are was about 2006 — 2009 when I painted practically all the time.

Most of this stuff is personal work, but there are some occasional commissions as well in the mix as well.