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Matrix Room Helsinki

New! Matrix Room Helsinki

Web design & marketing communications

Zero Keyboard app design, web design and logo design

Zero Keyboard

App & web design

Graphic design (content graphics) for Veikkaus


Graphics, social media, CRM

App concepts and UI graphics


App concept and UI design



Graphic design for website

10monkeys web graphic design


Graphic design for website

Web Design



Graphic design for We Did It app

We Did It

UI graphics and design for app

Website for Rovio



Motivade app design, web design, logo, illustration etc.


App & web design, logo + more

Graphic design for website

Graphic design for website

Website for Minieläin

Minieläin Oy


Black Island game graphics

Black Island

Game graphics

Graphic design for website


Graphic design for website

UI concept design


Concept design

Art & Illustrations

Commissioned and personal digital painting projects

pin-up girl paintings

Pin-up girls

Digital pin-ups (personal work)

nature themed paintings


Nature inspired paintings (personal work)

commissioned artwork


Commissioned illustrations


My design services in a nutshell

Get in touch if you're looking for a freelance designer to build your website
or to jazz-up your graphics!

1. Graphic Design & Art Direction

Design for web, apps, digital products and social media

Looking for a freelance graphic designer? Lucky you — I'm here to help! I design pixel perfect graphics and layouts for websites, mobile apps, social media and all kinds of digital products — you name it. I love detailed and well-thought-out designs that has real ideas behind them. I work as a subcontractor for creative agencies and also straight for my own clients for all fields.

My speciality is re-designing and facelifting websites. I'm very good at pin-pointing the visual bottle necks and fixing them. The designs are delivered as well documented and prepared Photoshop files (psd) ready to be coded.

In addition to all that, I am a total art geek and like to incorporate my artistic and illustration skills to my design work.

« Featured design: Cover images for guided audio meditations by Thomas Hertlein.

2. Web design

Websites for small and mid-size companies

I design really good looking, but affordable, custom websites (mainly) for small and mid-size companies. Occasionally for larger companies too. The websites comes with strong custom designs, responsive layout, content management system (e.g. WordPress) and basic search engine optimization (SEO) as standard.

For larger website commissions I cooperate with some of my designer and developer affiliates to increase the delivery capacity and workforce. I'm well connected with some really talented developers.

If you're interested in a website, the best way to get started is to drop me a line at or calling +35840-1853351.

Featured design: Web design for travel agency. » launched

24.5.2016 by Pekka Keskinen

Congratulations to Matrix Room Helsinki for their new website! The site was launched today after a month of intense work. We designed the website together with the client and I went ahead and designed the graphics and coded the thing too.

I've been actually working with Matrix Room for about three years already with many different commissions and it was a thrill to design a website for them as well. I'm soon going to add to the portfolio a full case study of our many projects. In the meantime you can check out the new website at

Thanks to Emmi and everyone else at the Matrix Room gang for the fun times together!

ZeroKeyboard Video

15.4.2016 by Pekka Keskinen

Although I am not a video producer in itself, I got involved in producing a pretty rad marketing video for my good friends at ZeroKeyboard app. As you may know, ZeroKeyboard is a business app for Salesforce and I've been working for them as a designer for about year or two. I've previously designed their interface graphics and a ton of other stuff and now we wanted to take a stab at producing a one minute long marketing video. Antti (sales guy at ZK) and I wrote the video together and I went ahead and shot all the footage. I also did all the post production and editing.

View the video on Youtube and also check out all the other work I've done for ZeroKeyboard.

Website updates

15.4.2016 by Pekka Keskinen

I've been updating pretty intensly during the past weeks. There are some new features and improvements, such as this news section that you are reading right now. I've actually had a news section on my website almost always, but on this website version, I originally decided to leave it out and use my Twitter account for news announcements. But I ended up regretting that decision and now added the news functionality back to site site.

Few feeks ago I also added I client list that has been missing also. Some new worksamples are also coming to the portfolio and buch of other small improvements as well.

Pekka Keskinen


About me

My name is Pekka Keskinen — a 34 years old designer of things from Helsinki, Finland. Killer Beach is my one man design agency. I've been freelancing since 2007 and I've worked in a bunch of advertising and digital agencies too. I have also pretty well-rounded education and — if I may say so — pretty mad photoshop skills. Designing things is my life. During my free time I enjoy hiking, outdoors, spending time with my dogs and doing creative stuff.

Contact   |   +35840-1853351 (Pekka)